Eat them up yum. (at Co-Op 87 Records)

#randynewman (at Co-Op 87 Records)

This magic happened to my jacket too. Back to school look complete! Ready to make even weirder y’art and look so stylish while at it….. Thanks for the killer patches @setandsetting and @vitaminbezoar ☺ (at Littleneck)

My mom always told me “fussiness is it’s own reward” and therefore I custom tailor my t-shirts. Which will look just smashing with my new @prostheticrecords cap! I’m so ready for fall! Oh yeah- and #crusasis is gwait. (at Sunset Park, Brooklyn)

Morning tuneage with my favorite two people @laura_leibovitz #aaronlefkove #dust (at Casa Carothers)

Broke out the classic #dondeestadenef spooky naked chick in a cape tee as my official back to school look. (at Casa Carothers)

at Co-Op 87 Records

#aaronlefkove says: ” #mikehunchback is a cool guy” (at Co-Op 87 Records)

#mikecatalano left #aaronlefkove in charge and he’s playing a #integrity record. Hee hee! 🙊💀 (at Co-Op 87 Records)

#theraroya in a primo spot at the coolest place in town as far as WE’RE concerned…. (at Co-Op 87 Records)