@jennanan we can do better! Gonna try again tomorrow. Xo!

On the bright side it smells like first grade in here. Anybody want an abortion of a fig drawing? (at My Gracious Drawing Room)

Yikes! Going in with the blueberry flavor Mr. Sketch….this could be amazing or awful….😳 (at My Gracious Drawing Room)

@jennanan I’m gonna slap some text on there with the help of my graphic design pixies and see if it works….If I saw this on a product I’d buy it! Anyhoo- one down- a bajillion to go. Wheeee! 😘 (at My Gracious Drawing Room)

Should I quote Julianne Moore from the Big Lebowski? Don’t make me do it @laura_leibovitz 😂😂😂😂 #miriamcarothers (at My Gracious Drawing Room)

@cdeustaquio Thera Roya and Donde Esta Denef in the queue…😉 (at Blue Bloods Set)

bleep. 😁 @cdeustaquio (at Syrena Bakery Inc)

at The Good Wife Set Broadway Stages Stage 10

Tribbles….. (at McCarren Park)