So pleased that my cross-hatchin-y/a-ha video scribbly style wasn’t lost when adapted to 5 by 5 inch sticker form. Nice work @eggshellstickers 👍 #dondeestadenef #captainofthemathteam (at bed)

Bedtime is the bestypantz when it’s on this. 3 years later and it never gets old. I drew miss boobies over there with a Heather Graham esque visage…💖 (at bed)

Trashyyyyyyy! 😜 Thanks @dyingaura (at bed)

Supper time! 🍩 (at bed)

In other news….stickers happened.

Meanwhile…. (at clems)

Our sweet girl Ruby is rilly rilly sick! 😿 (at Blue Pearl Vet Brooklyn)

Brainstorming cray cray shit I wanna draw for mah buddy off yonder….😝⚡💀⚡ (at from the desk of Miriam Carothers)

I picked a font. Then, with a ruler I drew it. Wheeee. 😬 Gotta wrap this thing up tomorrow. New project! (at My Gracious Drawing Room)

FIYAAAAH! 🔥 (at My Gracious Drawing Room)